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Terms of Service

Terms of Service (TOS) are agreements where customers agree before using their services. This agreement is made and automatically binds users of the Cyberhost Service. This agreement was made in such a way for the common interest, as well as the flexibility and security of customers in utilizing the services at Cyberhost Service.


The services provided by Cyberhost Service include Broad Hosting Services and related, management and rental of Dedicated Servers (DS) and Virtual Private Servers (VPS).


This agreement is binding between Cyberhost service and the direct Service User or Reseller whose identity is printed through the Cyberhost Service Management Facility and cannot be transferred or represented by another party.


  • Use the Cyberhost Service server for Open / Public / Share proxy Server / Proxy hosting and ssh tunneling.
  • Using the Cyberhost Service server for game services with too high disk and CPU load, Open / Public / Share VPN (Virtual Private Network), voice service proxy (SIP Proxy) so that it interferes with the disk process of other VPS / Hosting users
  • Use the Cyberhost service server to stream data or video services that use up international bandwidth and interfere with other users in terms of bandwidth resources
  • Using the Cyberhost Service server for activities that violate the laws in force in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia or the law in force in the territory concerned and international law.
  • Using the Cyberhost Service server for File Sharing, Seedbox and the like.
  • Saving Hacker, Phreaking or Archives and Pirated software programs.
  • Selling Free Hosting on Reseller / Master Reseller Hosting services.
  • Using a Free Domain on Hosting / Reseller / Master Reseller Hosting services.
  • Use the Cyberhost Service server for adult / pornographic sites or sites that are prohibited in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia ITE.
  • Using the Cyberhost Service server for gambling, Warez, Hacking, Phreacking, Pirated Software, Carding, HYIP and the like.
  • Using scripts, plugins or the like which are burdening the server like WPRobot and so on.
  • Using the Cyberhost Service server for special video / audio streaming sites, image hosting sites, or special sites for uploading and downloading files (rapid leech and the like).
  • Using the Cyberhost Service server to run the background process (a process that works continuously on the server). Such as: IRC bot, mig33 Flooder Bot, triond, Camfrog, wget, Java Chat Server & others.
  • Conduct an account creation process automatically on shared / reseller hosting by using a script in a short time with multiple accounts / multiple, thus burdening the database.
  • Sending spam e-mails (e-mails offering goods or services, promotions, affiliations, MLM or any kind of activities that interfere with third parties so as to burden server access) that are not requested or desired by other parties either through the Cyberhost Service server or external server.
  • Send Emails, News Letters and the like in large numbers from each Cyberhost Service server.
  • Attempting to corrupt, trying to replace the data & server system of a third party through the Cyberhost Service server
  • Use the host, network or account to crack, damage third party network security, or directly damage the security of an organization / institution or individual site.
  • Using VPS for disturbing application needs such as teamspeak, ircd etc.
  • Uses more than 15% of server resources in more than 90 seconds. The causes are among others, CGI Script, FTP, HTTP, and others.
  • Using servers / VPS or domains for websites that use search engine optimization such as WPRobot, STT2, Social Bookmark, traffic / jigling robots, classified ads etc., which use CPU resources continuously
  • Using servers or domains for illegal classifieds, forums or portal service provider websites.


  • To intervene with one of the sites hosted on a server for the benefit of the customer. Any customer material that violates or is alleged to violate ownership rights of a third-party Copyright infringement on the defective product is sold to the customer from the Cyberhost Service server. Cyberhost Service will be the sole judge of what violates this Policy.
  • Check the contents of the client’s file / website without notification to the client concerned. Cyberhost Service will also work with the authorities. if there are sites that contain things that are illegal and suspicious.
  • To decide on a client not to be extended either hosting service or VPS if it is harmful or deemed to violate the Terms of Service
  • Delete VPS files after 3 days of the hosting date, unless written notice is given to Cyberhost Service.
  • Automatic suspending by the system for hosting accounts that exceed usage or bandwidth limits, or because of files containing viruses in the hosting account or script errors that cause high server loading (Eating up a lot of resources) and or harming third parties.
  • Deletes files on the server 7 days after the hosting date ends and has not been renewed by the client. Cyberhost Service is not responsible for the loss of files for deletion of the hosting account if the hosting extension exceeds 7 days after expired hosting.
  • Does not provide backups on VPS, so the responsibility of the data lies with VPS users.
  • Does not provide backups on VPS, if 3 days there is no extension information we will delete data hosting and vps.
  • Will do unilateral termination if customers save or host gambling, pornography, HYIPs, sale of prohibited goods or similar websites that violate the ITE Law or applicable law in Indonesia.


Payments are made by the Cyberhost Service User in advance for the payment period determined by the Service User based on invoices sent and can be checked regularly through the Service Management Facility provided. Billing for services owned by the User will be issued automatically by the Billing System about 10 days before the end of the service period, this bill will be sent to the e-mail address registered with the Billing System.


Domain name registration will be done after your payment is confirmed. Cyberhost Service is not responsible if the domain name chosen by the service user has in fact been registered by another party before payment from the customer is confirmed.


  • We provide contacts for support through the Ticket System, Telephone, Mobile Phone, WhatsApp Messenger and Telegram listed on the Cyberhost Service website.
  • All requests must go through our Ticket System to maintain account security
  • Contact via WhatsApp and Telegram is only for product sales and Manage and Emergency Services.
  • Telephone Services must include a valid email and account identity to avoid fraud.


  • Customers are only allowed to cancel the service contract with Cyberhost Service, if they have notified the cancellation of the service 7 days before maturity.
  • If the customer does not notify the cancellation of the service within the aforementioned time period, then the customer has the obligation to pay an invoice for the next period.
  • Cancellation does not apply to the license.
  • Cancellation The service pack will be charged a discounted license fee if the license has been activated.
  • Licenses that have been purchased for a period cannot be canceled or refunded.


  • Service cannot be canceled unilaterally by the customer without a clear reason for service.
  • License and SSL services cannot be changed or canceled during the subscription period.
  • License service that is used or transferred more than 3 times to another server’s IP address and is suspended by the provider license is beyond our responsibility.
  • License and SSL services cannot be refunded, because we have continued to purchase the License and SSL directly to the license provider, so they cannot be canceled.


  • Cyberhost Service has no interest in making contact with clients from Resellers.
  • Resellers are obliged to carry out support and billing of their own clients.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to suspend or terminate service to Reseller clients if there are indications of a violation of the provisions of the Cyberhost Service services performed by their clients.


  • You agree to use the services and facilities of Cyberhost Service with all possible risks that arise, you are responsible. Cyberhost Service will not be responsible for loss, loss of data including damage arising from the use of Cyberhost Service facilities.
  • Cyberhost Service is not responsible for the contents of the customer’s site, the Customer is fully responsible for the content of his own site (including the username & password held by the Customer is the customer’s own responsibility).
  • Cyberhost Service is not responsible for the accuracy of information on the Customer’s website.
  • Cyberhost Service is not responsible for things that are caused directly or indirectly by the contents of the Customer’s website.
  • Cyberhost Service is not responsible for legal claims filed by any party, including third parties, for anything that may be caused by the contents of the Customer’s website.
  • The customer is fully responsible for making backups of each of the Customer’s website data.
  • Even though the Cyberhost Service performs backup procedures, customers are still advised to backup the contents of their respective websites. Backups made by Cyberhost Service are only for Disk Failure purposes.
  • Cyberhost Service does not provide backup services from outgoing Cyberhost Service Servers to other Hosting Services.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to delete the entire contents of the site / hosting that has arrears exceeding 2 Weeks and Cyberhost Service is freed from the claim of loss or removal of content from the client site.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to delete all VPS that have arrears exceeding 7 Days and Cyberhost Service is freed from the claim of loss or removal of content from the client site.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to claim compensation if the customer or ex-customer intentionally defames Cyberhost Service in the mass media, mailing list, or the like.
  • Cyberhost Service cannot return rent if disaster occurs, riots, natural disasters or anything that is undesirable and beyond our ability.
  • Cyberhost Service cannot return the rent if the customer violates the Terms of Service. (SSH Tunneling / VPN / Proxy or other services not permitted in the Term of Service
  • In the event of hardware damage or detected hardware will be damaged or failure, the client is required to follow the Cyberhost Service rules to move to a new server or perform backups during the hardware repair process.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to display the customer’s Website address on our Customer List page (except Reseller clients). This can benefit the customer as the relevant customer will get additional visitors / traffic from our website.
  • Domains cannot be changed when hosting has been running for more than 1 month.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to terminate the contract / termination of the hosting account unilaterally if the customer violates the Cyberhost Service terms of service.
  • Registered domains are required to use a valid email and there is a verification process via email, if there is no verification, the domain will be automatically suspended by the registrar.
  • Cyberhost Service is not responsible for financial losses, data loss, or any loss of any form for the termination of the hosting mentioned above and will not refund any payments that have been given and will not compensate for financial losses for any reason.


  • Customers can request additional IP Addresses as needed but according to the availability of the IP Address Cyberhost Service.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to Refuse Request IP Address in accordance with the availability of IP Address and service.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to terminate the service (suspended) or completely (termination) of the client or Reseller if there are indications of violations of the IP Address both abuse and phishing reported by the authorities or other forums.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to change IP address unilaterally if the customer does not renew within more than 7 days.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to unilaterally block IP Addresses if the customer commits spam, DDOS or other violations on the internet.


  • Open / Shared / Public Proxy or VPN or SSH Tunnel, IRC Client / Server / Bouncer, and illegal content. (We will Terminate without money back)
  • Spam / Abuse Report from datacenter more than 1 time
  • Illegal Content
  • The account sends Spam Email more than 3 times, if there is no repair and information Cyberhost Service has the right to terminate so as not to interfere with other accounts.


  • Request for SSL certificate installation must be through Cyberhost Service
  • SSL Certificate Installation is only allowed if the hosting account has a dedicated IP Address
  • The use of SSL Certificate with Shared IP Address will be removed unilaterally because it violates the Terms of Service
  • SSL installation service is only from the server side, for website scripts that support SSL we do not change it.


Requests for refunds will be processed in 1 week from the request sent to the Cyberhost Service billing


  • Affiliate funds can be requested / Withdrawl if it exceeds or equals to Rp.250,000
  • Affiliate withdrawal request will be entered into the Cyberhost Service account deposit and must have service at Cyberhost Service.
  • Affiliated funds withdrawal requests that will be sent through an account, can only be sent via BCA, Mandiri or BNI accounts, other than the Bank will be subject to interbank transfer rates
  • Not all products from Cyberhost Service can be affiliated and are fully policy from Cyberhost Service
  • Requests for withdrawal of affiliate funds through a bank must include BCA, Mandiri or BNI bank account numbers through our ticket system.
  • Affiliate policy is fully the right of Cyberhost Service.
  • Cyberhost Service has the right to increase or decrease affiliation commissions, based on financial conditions or rupiah exchange rates.


For server security considerations, Cyberhost Service will always upgrade software or panel hosting such as cpanel, softaculous, etc. Cyberhost Service is not responsible if there is a website script that does not support the latest version of the webserver, PHP, MySQL or our other services, causing the website to error. Obligations of customers who must update website scripts to support the latest versions of PHP, Apache, MySQL and other services.


Cyberhost service has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, it is advisable to check this page at least once a month. Cyberhost Service strives to provide the best service for you, but we will not tolerate unlawful activities or any kind of deviation done to our servers. These concise instructions were created to protect the interests of you, other customers and us.


All agreements on the provision of services and use of services are in full accordance with applicable Laws and Laws within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

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